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  • 113 pages
  • Enamoured
  • Shannon Curtis
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9780857990495

About the Author: Shannon Curtis

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Enamoured book, this is one of the most wanted Shannon Curtis author readers around the world.

Enamoured Once Upon A Crime Melanie Wants To Get Incriminating Information On Her Evil Stepfather And She Ll Get It Even If It Means Giving In To An Odious Toad S Demands Cole Is Undercover, And When Theopportunity Arises For Him To Get Closer To The Criminal He S Investigating, Using The Man Sbeautiful Stepdaughter, He Grabs It.Esmerelda Is A Fairy Godmother Enforcer Charged With Getting The Frog Prince Fairytale Backon Track But Fate Has Saddled Her With A Partner, And Rumpelstiltskin With His Sexy Badboy Swagger Has A Hidden Agenda Of His Own.In The Fairy Isle, Nothing Is As It Seems

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    I love fairytale retellings Love them It s hard to find one that s actually good, though.So is Enamoured good, you ask Well, yes Yes, it is.But it s not a good fairytale retelling Huh I can see that you re confused, so I ll explain Yes, it s a good novella The hero and heroine are both likable, the villain is deliciously evil, the plot is fun, and the romance is cute Except that nothing in the story has anything to do with The Frog Prince tale I mean, there are a couple of Fairy Godmother Enforcers who are working behind the scenes to supposedly get the fairytale back on track, but if it weren t for them saying that this was somehow related to a fairytale, I honestly wouldn t have noticed anything remotely fairytale ish about the plot I would have just thought it was a good romantic short story So if you re looking for a good retellinglook elsewhere.However, if you re looking for a fun romance with some fairies running around in the background, then this book would fit the bill It s far well rounded than most novellas that I ve read, and I didn t feel like I was getting...

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    This review has been posted on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews As a short novella, it s absolutely crucial to hook the reader in and deliver a story in a short length, and unfortunately Enamoured didn t captivate me enough throughout this time.Melanie is a daughter of a powerful, corrupt stepfather who she s determined to prove guilty, so she can get his abusive ways away from her mother She s so set on her path that when she encounters Cole, a construction worker who poses an interest in her from the very beginning, she labels him as The Village People Cole is almost aggressive in his approach to her and seems to have an agenda of his own The two have a strong chemistry to each other as they each work on the case.Unfortunately for Esmeralda Essie the fairy godmother and Rumpelstiltskin Rump , Melanie belongs to The Frog Prince fairy tale which has become off track The two work together to try and influence things to go their way, but with a spanner in the works as Melanie and Cole hit it off, it proves to be difficult than they thought.While reading Enamoured, the scenes with Essie and Rump were sort of confusing in the background They were obviously operating to their own agenda and because this was a novella, it wasn t rea...

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    Imagine HBO meets Once Upon A Time After reading a few heavier novels, Enamoured was the perfect guilty pleasure It was short, sweet and sexy delivered with a happily ever after As it turns out, reading about your favourite fairytale characters come back and kick ass is basically the perfect escape from normal boring stuff It had me addicted from the blurb, I mean, who doesn t love a good fairytale The added spice of bad boys, and contemporary dangers had me hooked Shannon Curtis brings a myriad of fairytales into our everyday world with Enamoured being the first installment Melanie belongs to the Frog Prince fairytale but she s too busy scavenging evidence to incriminate her evil stepfather to fall in love with her designated Prince Esmerelda is the Fairy Godmother Enforcer assigned to get her fairy tale back on track However, she doesn t count on being partnered up with the notoriously shady Rumpelstiltskin, or having the handsome undercover cop, Cole, take an interest in Melanie Like I said earlier, Enamoured is a guilty pleasure sort of read You re not going to gain insight into the human condition nor be overwhelmed by the power of the written word However, you will devour this novella in a matter of hours, and com...

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    All of us grew up with fairy tales And this Fairy tales shaped our vivid imaginations when we are still young But what if Little Mermaid end up meeting Goldilocks Sleepin Beauty never awakened, and Cinderella never made it to the Ball It s a total disaster right That s what Fairy GodMother enforcer are for To Keep the Fairy tale world in balance Okay this book should be a mixed story of Fairytale in Modern type of setting.But I was a little confused because the Fairytale thing doesn t blend well with the story I think the story would have been good enough without the Magical thing itself It was actually like the magical thing was being forced out of the story.Until the end I wasn t able to grsps the whole idea of the Frog Price thing I didn t understand it at all So I think the over all story was a little bit confusing.But as for the Main characters I love them, Mel and Cole It could be a promising love story if the Aut...

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    Described as a series that mixes suspense, sex and just a sprinkle of fairy dust my book addict siren started to scream at me ding ding, yes please sailor This sounds like a challenge, and I accept Thank you very much.When I first opened this eBook I was surprised to see that there were twenty chapters Good lord For a novella The chapters were short and sweet and somehow strangely worked for me.The underlying plot involves a Fairy Godmother Enforcer called Esmeralda who is called upon to stop a fairy tale from going off course The Frog Prince to be exact For if a fairy tale doesn t go the way it should, the very fabric of the Fairy Isle could be compromised What if Little Mermaid ended up in the Goldilocks tale Esmeralda shuddered Anarchy No, Little Mermaid had her tale, Goldilocks had her three bears, and never the twain should meet.MelanieEsmeralda, along with her sexy side kick Rumpelstiltskin, decide to disguise themselves as an estate agent and his yarn knitting wife to put this stray tale back together Rump is fun He does have a heavy hand with the fairy dust though poor Gabe, the Frog Prince Poor, poor man.Our book heroine, Melanie is involved in a rebellious plot to take her evil step dad down ...

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    As someone who loves a good fairytale in any of its forms original, classics, re tellings, adaptations, films, TV series etc , I can t help but love this cute little re telling by Aussie author Shannon Curtis Like Cutris other work, Enamoured isn t a straight fairytale retelling, rather its a cross over between the world of fairytales and real life romantic suspense You see, our fairytale Heroine, Melanie, is trying her hardest to secure evidence against her corrupt father It s through this search and a few unfortunate stumbles that she meets Cole, an undercover cop assigned to the case Although the pair don t initially hit it off it is a fantastic meet and greet though , they soon become allies in the fight for justice A fight they just might be able to win if Melanie s fairy godmother Esmerelda wasn t so hell pent on keeping her Frog Prince fairytale on track What ensures is a funny, and loveable story that will leave you feeling fantastic, if not a bit fairytale homesick As a whole Enamoured is a faiytale in itself, just not in the classic and traditional way For it shows what happens when a fairytale, such as the Frog...

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    Melanie s step dad, Lionel, is a bullying, abusive, real estate developer who s than willing to stoop to intimidation and violence to get what he wants Fearing for her and her mother s safety, Melanie begins investigating his shady dealings, looking for enough evidence to force him to stay away.Esmerelda is a fairy Godmother, with two main jobs to keep Rumpelstilskin from violating his parole, and to ensure that Melanie falls in love with with her frog prince, Gabriel, to ensure the fairy tale plays out as is required.Cole is an undercover police officer, trying to get close to Lionel to gain enough evidence of criminal activity to put him in jail When he bumps into Melanie, a mutual attraction develops, but it s built on a lie, and may not last Even so, it s enough to risk interfering with the fairy tale, and risk Melanie s happily ever after.I enjoyed Enamoured, although I found it rather short it felt like a novella than a novel Curtis has attempted to blend a traditional Frog Prince fairytale with a modern day detective investigation, which is an interesting combination I m not entirely sure she s pulled it off successfully, but definite credit for the idea and implementation.The story is well written and most of the characters are interesting, although I found the Frog Prince, to be somewhat superfluous, whic...

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    Originally posted at Novel Reveries We have a fairy tale off track loc 228 A novella of trust, promises and love Fairy tales were necessary They taught lessons They charted destiny loc 237 It all happened so fast Granted this is a novella, but I wasn t all too fond of the insta love concept I also felt like the fairy tale aspect was pointless and unnecessary, which just jumbled the plot I liked the initial plot line with Melanie trying to get dirt on her step father, and I believe that this take could have been expanded and developed, which would have been pleasing This story felt like a mystery romance thriller want to be, wrapped up in a cocoon of faux fairy tale modernization The book should have either chose to build on the modern fairy tale with Rumplestiltkin and Esmerelda, or build on the thrilling suspense of Melanie and her mission, but should not have tried to combine them, because they didn t mix well You allowed Fate to step in to a Fairy Tale We can t have that loc 1683 The writing style is great, and I love the author s emotional descriptions, as well as their inner thoughts and struggles I really wouldn t mind reading the author s other regular books, if they are developed than this novella, because she has a wonderful imagination and ability to write.First Line Melanie rifled through the papers on the desk loc 47 Last Line Their kiss was amazing loc 1914 Quotes Life is what it is, her father used to...

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    A fairy tale retelling in the modern world I m a sucker for fairy tales I mean Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite TV shows But I have to say that Enamoured just didn t cut it for me.Our story is centered around Melanie and Cole Melanie s stepfather is evil, controlling, abusive and shady She s determined to find something on him so she can get rid of him once and for all Cole is an undercover cop HIs target Melanie s stepfather As their paths cross, Melanie and Cole begin working together But it doesn t take long for romance to strike.Esmerelda is a fairy godmother Her current job is to watch over Melanie and make sure her tale plays out as its supposed to The problem Cole is not part of the tale She also has been given a partner for this particular case Rumpelstiltskin He s on a sort of probation and this job will tell his fate.Now all of this seems like the setup for a pretty good story But I was just left feeling kind of confused It seems Ms Curtis has tried to jumble as many fairy tales into one story as she possibly coul...

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    Enamoured is a fairytale retelling of the Frog Prince set in the modern world The fairytales occur in the human world on selected souls, who are unknowing aided by their fairy godmothers to carry out the tale The story s main protagonist, Melanie is trying to collect evidence against her corrupt and shady stepfather and meets Cole, an undercover cop who is on the same case Interspersed with this story, is the fact that Rumpelstiltskin and Esmeralda, her godmothers on this tale, are trying to set her up with the real Frog Prince, Gabriel However, all tales don t necessarily go as planned, when Fate has a hand in it I felt the story to be good but it was divided into two parts, the fairytale part and the Mel Cole stepfather case part The two stories on their own had merit, but together didn t mesh well enough Gabriel had basically nothing to do The tension between Rump and Esmeralda is tempting, but as I said, both could have very easily been two different stories Th...

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